Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois have formed a formidable intergenerational alliance for the past four years. The Solidaire team showed it was the only one capable of going toe to toe with François Legault and will run on what really matters for everyone in Québec.

Our priorities :

Implement the best plan to fight climate change

Protect families against the soaring cost of living

Find a solution to the housing crisis and make homeownership accessible for an entire generation

Rebuild our health system by focusing on prevention and community-based care

Build a country for everyone

Québec is at a turning point. To face the challenges of the 21st century, let’s vote for the team going all in for courage and ambition. Québec Solidaire is the only serious alternative to the CAQ. On October 3, it’s time to clear the air.

Whoever we are, wherever we come from, we all want the same thing: Better quality of life today and an inspiring future tomorrow. To those who built our nation and the ones who will carry the torch: You deserve a Québec with public works that actually work for the public. That’s why I fight. That’s why the Solidaire team is here.

We are not doomed to be represented by parties that remain frozen in time and by old-school politicians. Those who disregard education. Those who think mental health care is only for crybabies. Those who do nothing in the face of major polluters. It’s time to put in power a new political generation.

Québec Solidaire will protect you against the rising cost of living. We will freeze electricity rates, put in place a universal dental insurance program and cut public transit fares in half. We will stop taxing consumer goods such as food, medication and clothing for as long as we are coping with this cost-of-living crisis. Lastly, we will raise the minimum wage to $18/hour.

Québec Solidaire is the only party that prioritizes the environment. The CAQ has set us back by accommodating polluting multinationals. For us, the only gamble really worth taking is going all in for courage and ambition. That means public transit in urban and rural areas, nature being protected and cities, towns and villages where environment and quality of life are seen as two sides of the same coin.

Living in an affordable and comfortable home shouldn’t be an extravagance. Québec Solidaire will implement a realistic and ambitious plan to solve the housing crisis. We will put in place rent control measures against abusive increases, build thousands of affordable rental units.

Québec needs more than a new government. It needs a whole new political system. At Québec Solidaire, we strive for independence because we want a new kind of society; we want to build a country for everyone. Having our own country would be the best way to transform society. To change the world, we have to start right here, in Québec.

Québec Solidaire will establish a network of CLSCs open 24/7 to offer community-based care. We will get rid of waiting lists for mental health services, because mental health care is health care. We will boost investments in prevention programs, which are currently treated as an afterthought in our health system. Québec Solidaire will double the number of seniors eligible to receive home care, so that aging at home becomes the rule rather than the exception.

Ruth Messier Agente officielle